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PostSubject: Spray Tut   Spray Tut Icon_minitimeTue Jul 24, 2007 10:11 am

This tut will explain how you can put your own spray into cs, so you can leave your mark, wherever you go

1. Locate your pldecal.wad file in my pictures or where it is saved, then right click and click copy.

2. Right Click on the start button, then click explore

3. Then go onto your Local Disk ( C: )

4. Then from there, go to:

Program Files >
Steam >
Steamapps >
(Your Steam Name, Or E-Mail) >
Counter-Strike >

5. Here paste your pldecal.wad.

6. Then Right Click on the tempdecal.wad, and click delete.

7. Then click rename on the pldecal.wad and change the name to tempdecal.wad.

8. Then click on properties on the new tempdecal.wad

9. Then check the box at the bottom that says “Read-Only” and click apply.

10. After this your decal should be set, go into a game and start spraying

Any Quiries about anything, please pm me. or leave a comment, i will get back A.S.A.P

C H 3 3 R S

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Spray Tut
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